The law firm Seitz Weckbach Fackler und Partner

Founded more than 25 years ago, the law firm of Seitz Weckbach Fackler & Partner is today counted to the big middle-sized law and tax consultancy firms in Augsburg. Our firm was established in 1986 by Dr. Theodor Seitz, and Dr. Thomas Weckbach. They were joined in 1992 by Michael Fent, who deceased in 2005, and Hans-Peter Bernhard (1997) und Dr. Rudolf Wittmann (1999). In 2000, the firm merged with the Fackler law firm which was established in 1954. As further partners Irina Lindenberg-Lange (2005), Dr. Sven Friedl (2007), Michael Tusch and Dr. Christoph Knapp (2010), Peter Härtl (2018), Urs Lepperdinger (2019), Sandra Hollmann (2020) and Jill Sailer (2022) joined our firm.

Since 2011, our team is amongst others strengthened by Ulrich Wilhelm (Partner of Wilhelm & Welser & Partner form 1975 – 2011), since 2019 by Raier Hrsch (formerly Horsch Oberhauser in Munich) and since 2021 by Dr. Herbert Schiller as Of Counsel. Since January 11, 2013 our law firm is operating as a partnership with 30 attorneys-at-law and tax consultants.